This is a work in progress model and animation made forĀ ICU game in which I am the Lead Designer. Using the realsense SDK I mapped a 3D point cloud of my face onto the monsters head in realtime.

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Trilectro, a game developed to deliver the atmosphere of an EDM concert through bright and intense triangular action. We believe that triangular action adds a strategic element to the way the game is played. Fostering dance-like movement while defending your weak points and catching your health.
Game Design, Programming
Colored Pencils on Paper
Dolphun is a Global Game Jam project that is still a work in progress. Dolphun is made for PC using the Oculus DK2 and a PS4 Controller. Dolphun explores the ritual of the hand shake in a future ruled by half dolphin half human creatures at truck stop in outerspace. Made by Sam Kim and Zach Suite.
Game Design
Close Your
GoodbyeWorld Games Role: Designer
Game Design
Love Handles (Pinch the Sides!)
2 teams of 3 players form a triangle with a looped rope. Players must attack the midpoints of the other team's triangle while defending their own triangle. The inspiration for my digital game, Trilectro!
Game Design, Interaction Design
Oil on Canvas
Concrete Genie VR
VR experience for the Concrete Genie PS4 game.
My First Ex
A game where an angry woman is tasked by her spitefull conscience to seek revenge on her ex. By either collecting mementos of their relationship or avoiding them all together, the player can choose whether to inflict her evil intentions or ignore the hurt and move on. Created for a 48 hour gamejam. Role: Game Designer, Artist *Not all art is original
Game Design
Virtual, Virtual Reality
Dive deeper into virtual realities
A pinball game made in one week. The twist is that time can rewind to increase combos and score. Pressing rewind will reverse the pinballs position, potentially allowing the pinball to chain hits in a mind bending way!
Game Design
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