Oil paint on canvas. 24" x 30"

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GoodbyeWorld Games Audio by Hexany Audio Role: Designer, 3D Artist, Father of the Slap Created for the PewDiePie Game Jam. In Slap-Man you play a character with a crippling disability. Specifically- you have one arm, and that arm is only capable of slap. Slap the alarm. Slap the door. Slap the burgers. Your life is just a blur of odd jobs and skin spanking goodness. That is....until....THE BOMB. Will Slap-Man survive unscathed? Find out for yourself! Play Slap-Man today! Slap-Man! Play Here--- http://gamejolt.com/games/strategy-sim/slap-man/39296/
Digital Art, Game Design
Ebony Pencil on Paper
Adapt puts you in the perspective of a disabled veteran. The player must sit in a wheelchair that has it's movements mapped to the movements in the game in order to navigate around a 3d level. The experience is directed by a narrative that is still under development right now. I hope to make this game alongside other applications to promote empathy for disabled persons. In addition to creating narratives through this mode of input, I will be developing applications that have practical uses such as muscular rehabilitation and others.
Creative Direction, Game Design, Interaction Design
ICU 3D Monster Model, Rig, & Face mesh
3D model, Rig, animation for ICU
Game Design
Oil paint on canvas. 18" x 24"
Mighty Morphenaut: Multiplayer Collaboration in VR
A collaboration between the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and the PlayStation Magic Lab to explore how multiple people can interact effectively in virtual reality. Using PlayStation's Project Morpheus and PlayStation Move, each player controls a simulation of Robonaut 2 to accomplish challenging and entertaining real-world tasks.
Interaction Design
All the World's a Stage
Apples to Apples meets Whose Line is It Anyway. Players must act out scenes chosen by a judge. Each player chooses a modification to the scene from the cards they are given.
Game Design
Virtual, Virtual Reality
Dive deeper into virtual realities
Guessture (WIP)
An a kid friendly multiplayer sketching game for smart devices to enhance the experience at the Getty Museum. Based on the technique of Gesture drawing.
Game Design
Close Your
GoodbyeWorld Games Role: Designer http://www.closeyour.com/
Game Design
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